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Eye Wash kit
Eye Wash kit
  • Eye Wash kit
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Eye Wash kit

Code: EYEW254
Dimenslon: 25.5x17.3x8cm
Material: ABS
Color: Can be customized
MOQ: 1000
Wall-mounted eye wash boxes made in plastic box for quick eye injury first aid. No matter the circumstances, swift reaction is usually required when the eye is exposed. Therefore, you need to be well prepared with the proper first-aid products at the workplace.

Specification           Code: EYW500-254    
500ml eye wash                2
Plastic box with wall bracket      1

This eye wash kit is wall mountable with 2x 500ml eyewash solution and wall bracket.
Essential for every workplace
Ideal for rapid response to eye injuries
The box can be unclipped from the bracket and taken to the patient.
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