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Car First Aid Kit  DIN 13164
Car First Aid Kit  DIN 13164
  • Car First Aid Kit  DIN 13164

Car First Aid Kit DIN 13164

Code: LBS13164
Material: Nylon
Color: Can be customized
MOQ: 1000
First Aid Kit Vehicle DIN 13164
This DIN Standard First Aid kit is a must have car, camping and caravanning accessory. It is contained in a convenient folding sleeve which has a pocket storage system for quick access when you need it most.
Contents comply with DIN 13164 European standard for automotive first aid kits.

Car First Aid Kit 
1 pair of steel scissors 14.5cm
1 adhesive plaster tape 5m x 2.5cm
6 sterile non-woven swab 10cm x 10cm
2 non-woven triangular badge 96 x 96 x 136cm
2 sterile first aid dressing sheet 40cm x 60cm
1 sterile first aid dressing sheet 60cm x 80cm
1 sterile compress dressing with pad 10cm x 12cm
3 sterile compress dressing with pad 8cm x 10cm
2 conforming (PBT) bandage 4m x 8cm
3 conforming (PBT) bandage 4m x 6cm
1 rescue sheet - foil blanket 160cm x 210cm
1 Assorted plaster pack
4 disposable gloves
1 information sheet
1 emergency procedures sheet
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