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HSE dressing 12x12cm
HSE dressing 12x12cm
  • HSE dressing 12x12cm

HSE dressing 12x12cm

Code: 1
Dimenslon: 1
Material: 1
Color: 1
MOQ: 1
Code: HSW12

These sterile dressings complete with conforming stretch bandage, are ideal for almost all first aid situations. HSE compliant, they are perfect for refilling all HSE first aid kits. Including an attached, sterile, non-adherent pad to place over the wound and a long conforming bandage to secure the dressing in place, they are available flow-wrapped, or boxed for easier visibility in first aid kits and cabinets.
Individually wrapped to ensure sterility.

Size:  Elastic bandage 7.5cmx2m
     Pad: 12x12cm
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