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When you try to choos e suppliers online, surely you will have some doubt. You might doubt the truth of the information and pictures. We also met some troubles when we purchased materials before.
If you just choose a supplier randomly because its pictures look good on Alibaba, then it will only depends on your luck to cooperate with them.
You can also contact us for some certifications of quality system, product and test report , certification and free content samples directly. You can learn more information from some sellers in the local market. Also in Europe, Australia and Africa, you may found some products made by longbow in some famous brands or malls.
It is very difficult to know the complete Longbow only by online information. We suggest you get the first introduction from the third party, such as TUV or check information from some official website such as TGA, FDA, BRC, etc. From these official information platforms, you can see whether we have corresponding certificates of quality system and related products or not. Some of our clients, they need to do the social responsibility audit, such as Smeta. Some third party such as SGA, intertek and BV are entrusted by customers to inspect us regularly and repeatedly. Some of the information is available to the public from which you can will know more about us.
If you have requirements on your own brand of the first aid kit design, special function requirements or unique appearance design, according to our well-experienced in this area, we might be the most suitable supplier for you.
Our warehouse has more than three thousand kinds of first aid supplies, as customers have various requirements for the first aid kit contents, e.g., there is waterproof first aid kit for the marine, first aid kit with oxygen tank for mountain climbing mountaineering, first aid baby care kit breast pump and thermocouple. We have products ready to deal with mosquitoes and snake bite, we even done comb which can spray water for cleaning pets.

Please feel free to enquiry for our products. As a manufacturer, we always want to keep long-term cooperate relationship with customers. We use different methods of the margin calculation base on the sales amount. Our financial department will provide a fix price for you base on reasonable profits.

In fact, we met many problems during initial cooperation with foreign clients. There have more than one hundred product identification information in a first aid kit which has about 30 pieces contents fittings. We have also made mistakes, such as because of identification error so that we need to recall bulk production, product certificate issues in violation of local low and regulation, the whole goods need to be destroyed caused by the unqualified ROHS toxicity test of the packaging, or as a result of reviewing the human rights lead to the goods can not be shipped.

Besides, you may also worry about communication problem. In China, no problem can be a big problem, so that many cooperation are very pleasant just at the beginning but finally become stories.