We know the world of First Aid Kits can be a little daunting if you’re unfamiliar with what’s available. Will it have the right equipment, or enough of the right contents for me? How will I know what needs to be in there? How you choose the best First Aid Kit from dozens of potential options is tricky, after all you want enough contents to cover the types of emergencies you might encounter but without making the kit too large for you to use. It’s an important purchase that will save you time and time again, so you want to get the right kit.

Particularly if you’re purchasing for the workplace, keeping a well-stocked kit on hand is more than just a responsibility, it’s a regulatory requirement. Keeping up with your obligations as an employer as set out in the Worksafe First Aid in the Workplace Compliance Code will ensure you’re doing the best possible to keep the working environment safe and healthy.

You could spend hours comparing and cross checking features of First Aid Kits, but your time is more valuable than that! Which is why we’ve prepared this handy guide that takes into account your needs and recommends the best First Aid Kit for you.

The Basics of Choosing the Best First Aid Kit
Regardless of the purpose and use of your kit, there are a few things you should look for:

Easily recognisable: anyone should be able to identify the First Aid Kit from its appearance, commonly a white cross on a green background
Quality casing: this should be durable enough to protect the contents from dust and damage
Regulatory approval: a listing on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods will guarantee you are buying something that is of the highest therapeutic standards
If a kit you are looking at fails any one of these points, it’s time to look elsewhere. All Kits from St John Ambulance meet these minimum requirements, so you can rest assured by starting with St John.

First Aid Kits for the Home
At home your main concerns are usually minor cuts, burns and sprains. Unfortunately most of us at some point will cut or scald ourselves, usually when preparing food, and will want to know we’re prepared if this happens.

A few things to consider when choosing a First Aid Kit for the home:

The size of your household: this will dictate the size of your kit
If you have kids: injuries will be more common, so go up a size if in doubt
Storage: the space you have available to keep it may shape the size of your kit.