Project Description

LONGBOW Alcohol Hand Gel Pump Dispenser Hand Sanitizer 250ml

  • Contains denatured ethanol with emollient
  • Available in either a pump or flip top bottle
  • Hand gel kills 99.9% of all bacteria
  • Rub contains hand friendly moisturisers, emollients and special skin protection, effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses
  • No need to wash hands after use
  • Convenient size

Product Description

This 250ml bottle of alcohol hand gel is ideal for maintaining a high level of hygiene in the workplace. Effective against bacteria and viruses, this hand sanitiser is particularly useful for food handling jobs, medical settings, care homes, laboratories and more; anywhere that contamination is a particular risk or concern.


Alcohol 70%

Usage Information

Apply enough gel to wet hands, rub together until dry and soft. No need to rinse with water.

Product Code: LBAH250

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